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Before arranging an appointment, we offer a brief, 10-minute telephone call in order to get an overview of your difficulties and to make sure we are the best service to meet your needs. 


Initial consultations and follow up appointments have a duration of up to 50 minutes.

The number of sessions required will depend on a range of factors, including the nature and severity of your difficulties. This will be assessed and discussed with you at the end of your  initial consultation appointment.

We operate a 48-hour cancellation policy.


Self funding

Therapy sessions are charged at £150* per 50-minute session.

Reports, supporting letters, liaison meetings, telephone consultations or emails concerning needs, progress or treatment will be charged at my hourly fee (£180* per hour, pro rata).

Fees are payable via bank transfer.

All fees are reviewed on an annual basis. A month's notice will be given when any fee changes are implemented.

For Supervision, Consultation or Training fees, please email NBC Psychology to request a quote.

* New fees from 1st April 2024: £150 per 50-minute session (£180 per hour).

Health Insurance cover

We are registered with a number of private health insurance companies. Policies vary widely and may cover part or all the cost of your sessions (excluding any excess).

A referral from your GP may be required prior to your treatment being authorised.

Please note that fees charged to insurance companies may vary and are negotiated according to the policy and processes of each insurance company.

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